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Why Choose Thrive Tribe?

We believe that our unique combination of dedicated people, approaches and ingrained values enable us to provide truly meaningful interventions that will genuinely help people change their lives.

Our Aim

Innovative Healthy Lifestyle Provider


Staying ahead of the curve and thinking outside the box is what we’re all about. We encourage innovation and creative thinking at every turn to ensure that the services and products which we offer are completely unique. We’re never afraid to try something different and always willing to embrace new and exciting technologies, such as our My Home Quit smoking cessation app, which was a redesign of Professor Robert West’s SF28 app. 

Health Checks adult services

Added Value

We continually strive to exceed expectations, going above and beyond to provide added value performance to everything that we do. Our profits are regularly reinvested into local community health projects. We run independent studies of our programmes to illustrate additional value-added outcomes.

Team Rafting

Our Staff

Our staff are some of the most passionate, experienced and creative people going. We constantly involve them in the decisions we make and they give us crucial insights into what clients are experiencing. From highly skilled nurses and dietitians to marketing experts and IT specialists, we embrace each other’s individuality whilst remaining united by our values and passion for changing lives.

Added Value Case Study

Blood pressure and cholesterol reduced by  71% and 82%

We ran an independent study of our adult weight management clients and found that blood pressure and cholesterol had reduced by an impressive 71% and 82% respectively for clients who completed the programme.

Quality and Governance

Quality and Governance

Everything we do is of the highest quality to ensure a meaningful outcome for clients. We engage the public in all aspects of our service, from initial design to evaluation. Feedback is important to us and shapes our bespoke range of services and programmes. Our Thriving Standards Team includes robust governance, training and forums, which ensures that we’re always providing the best experience for staff, clients and stakeholders. 

Working in partnership


Partnership work is vital to what we do. We constantly seek to strengthen our links with local community organisations and projects, such as the Luton Mental Health and Wellbeing Service, with whom we jointly host a monthly Eastern European Strategic Group meeting at our offices. We recognise the importance of supporting local campaigns and sharing best practice, to provide the most meaningful interventions.

Our Staff Case Study

A recent independent audit of our Kick It stop smoking service by the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training, concluded that:


“The service provided by Kick It is a personable and professional one that clients are satisfied with, which they would happily recommend on to other smokers.”

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