Healthy Lifestyles Interventions

What We Provide

Thrive Tribe Healthy Lifestyle Provider
Service Design

We design, develop and manage healthy lifestyle services based on local need. Combining just the right mix of evidence and innovation, our services always have unique, localised branding. And – of course – delivered by a happy and motivated Thrive Tribe Team!

Child Weight Management | Service Provider
Programmes for Young People

We deliver a range of practical, interactive programmes to equip our future generations with the tools for a healthy, positive future. Including weight management, smoking prevention and healthy eating, our programmes can be delivered as a flexible Healthy Schools initiative.

Healthy lifestyle service provider - adult weight management
Programmes for Adults

Our adult programmes have been developed and tested – and are quality assured – by in-house experts including Dietitians, Clinical Psychologists and Nurses. Our growing menu includes stop smoking, weight management, healthy eating, health checks and physical activity.

Marketing and referral generation
Marketing & Referral Generation

Promoting our own services and delivering campaigns to tens of thousands of people means we have learnt a lot about marketing and referral generation. We can now share this learning with you by helping to promote your services.

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