Mentoring Students From the University of Surrey

Mentoring Students From the University of Surrey

We are delighted to work alongside the University of Surrey as a means of empowering people across the country to thrive through preventative healthcare. A number of students from the university have been mentored by our teams through work experience programmes.


We’ve asked students and professors from the university how working with Thrive Tribe has made an impact on their work and professional development in preventative healthcare. Here’s what they had to say:

A recent placement student, Phil Brewster commented:

“The first thing I noticed about the organisation is it’s positive and pro-social nature where every effort was made to make me feel a valued member of the team. My supervisor was most supportive in guiding my professional development, whilst showing the utmost regard for my well-being during the placement.

“I would not hesitate to recommend a placement to prospective students who are studying a health-related subject. The skills and experience I gained during my professional training year are highly transferable to nutritionist or other public health roles.

“The most rewarding aspect of my work was celebrating the health improvements of clients who had successfully implemented the lifestyle changes we had planned together.”

Dr Barbara Engel from University of Surrey commented:

“Thrive Tribe has worked closely with the University of Surrey providing placement and project opportunities for our undergraduate and postgraduate Nutrition and Dietetic students.

“From the very start of our partnership, all the members of their team have been a pleasure to work with, their staff have also lectured at the University and inspired the next generation of Public Health Nutritionists and Dietitians.”

As a number of students from the university continue to be mentored by our teams through work experience programmes we aim to continue providing practical skills support the development of communication, team work and public health interventions that can be used throughout the student’s career to make a sustainable change in the industry.

Find out how you can work with Thrive Tribe on our careers page.