Inactive to Active - former client 2

What is the no.1 reason people aren’t more active? The answer might surprise you…

At our Inactive to Active learning event we asked 100 people to name the one thing our clients said stops them being more active. 90% of people said time, but what did our clients say?



Check out the infographic below for the top 5 reasons people gave or read on for a quick recap of the day…

On Thursday 10th November we had the exciting opportunity to host the Inactive to Active Learning Event at Trinity Park in Ipswich, which was attended by more than 100 people! The aim of the event was to share insights gained from Suffolk’s hugely successful Get Healthy, Get into Sport (GHGIS) initiative and to give a wider context to the issue of physical inactivity in the UK.

Inactive to Active - Jimmy speaking to client

A huge thank you to the three fantastic keynote speakers who gave us inspirational and insightful talks on why it’s so important that we do everything we can to get the UK’s population active. These were former Olympian and sports scientist Professor Greg Whyte OBE, Sport England’s Strategic Lead for Health Sarah Ruane and Nick Pearson, CEO of parkrun.

Inactive to Active Conference guest speakers

Throughout the day, speakers from each of the organisations involved in the GHGIS project also gave an overview of their experiences and key findings. The below infographic shows just some of the fantastic results from our involvement in the project:

Get Healthy get Into Sport Infographic

A full report on the Get Healthy Get into Sport project will be released towards the end of the year, but here are just some of the hugely positive initial findings:

  1. Combining a sport or deliberate exercise facilitation element with a public health intervention is associated with an increase in sport participation immediately after the intervention and at 6 and 12 months.
  2. Observed increases in physical activity are greatest in inactive participants compared to already active participants.
  3. Clients expend, on average, four times more energy on physical activity every day at 6 and 12 months compared to baseline.
  4. At baseline, only 24% of clients undertook at least one 30-minute session of sport or deliberate exercise each week. This increased to 55% at 12 weeks and remained at 45% at 6 months and at 40% at 12 months.
  5. The Get Healthy Get into Sport program was particularly effective at engaging hard to reach and disengaged clients, who often also had long term health and mental health conditions.


A final thank you also goes to everyone who got involved on social media during the event. #inactivetoactive was used 57 times throughout the day and was seen by more than 150,000 people on Twitter. Amazing!

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