Healthy Lifestyle Service, Thrive Tribe, Tops Ten Years

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Healthy Lifestyle Service, Thrive Tribe, Tops Ten Years

This year marks 10 years since Thrive Tribe started as a healthy lifestyle service .

The service started as a handful of health professionals who wanted to empower people to discover innovative ways of taking control of their health in 2009.

Since the launch of Thrive Tribe’s first stop smoking service in West London, the company have expanded to become an umbrella company for healthy lifestyle services across England with around 200 employees. The company is also one of the few front-runners for taking an innovative approach towards preventative healthcare.

To celebrate this significant landmark, we are organising a series of events throughout the year, starting with an active travel relay challenge.

A baton is being taken by members of staff to every location where Thrive Tribe has operated a service, which covers a total of approximately 650 miles.

The journey starts in Suffolk, the home-county of Managing Director, Tim Roberts and location of Thrive Tribe’s first healthy lifestyle service. The baton will complete its journey in London.

Head of Client Experience, and Employee of Thrive Tribe for the past seven years, Heather Osborn, talks about kicking off the 650 mile baton challenge:

“After an initial false start due to stormy weather Richard and I set off to cycle from Tim’s house to Ipswich, which is approximately 10 miles.  With perfect weather conditions we headed off on borrowed bikes (a sign that neither of us are experienced cyclists) and following our google maps, made our way down the country lanes towards Ipswich, seeing parts of Suffolk I never knew existed.

“The 10 miles took us about 50 minutes, with a couple of stops along the way.  Once we arrived in Ipswich we wanted to visited some of the key landmarks, a quick stop at the Suffolk Food Hall, which serves amazing sausage rolls, gave us an opportunity to have photos with the Orwell bridge. Then on to Ipswich Town Football Club, and then to our old Live Well Suffolk offices, which was called Adelphi House and has now changed its name, we discovered.  We had a great time, and it actually made me think that I should get out and about on my bike more often to discover more of Suffolk.”

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