Creating Inspiring Work Spaces

Creating Inspiring Work Spaces

 Thrive Tribe have a team dedicated to creating inspiring work spaces, organising a number of staff events throughout the year and ultimately ensure that our staff look forward to coming to work.


One of the challenges we currently face is creating inspiring work spaces during a time of rapid growth.

Now with over two-hundred staff, we are investing time and effort in continuing to give our staff a positive employee experience.

With the festivities upon us, one of our recent tasks has been to organise an all staff celebration, despite the fact that we are now very spread out geographically. Whilst searching for venues that would meet all of our requirements and not coming up with anything that was perfect, we had a lightbulb moment and decided to have an afternoon of virtual festive activities, followed by smaller evening celebrations in each of the five locations.

creating inspiring work spaces

Emma Adkins, Staff Event Manager explains how this worked, “We decided on five key office locations spread throughout the UK and last Friday afternoon, we used a mixture of live video technology, quiz software and pre-recorded videos (as a back-up in case of any internet issues on the day – after all it was Friday 13th) to ensure all of our staff felt like they were part of a wider event.”

“Across the five locations, everyone was split into 27 competing teams, taking part in activities such as gingerbread house making, music quiz, Through the Keyhole and best festive outfit competition. The afternoon was a real success and we have received extremely positive feedback.”

creating inspiring work spacesIt is the small things, such as this event, that contribute to a positive workplace culture and we pride ourselves on delivering this to a high standard.

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