Considering running a physical activity project in your area? Read this first…

Thrive Tribe physical activity project

Considering running a physical activity project in your area? Read this first…

Are you looking to commission a physical activity project in your area?


4 years ago we did just that, with our Get Healthy Get into Sport project in Suffolk… Over the space of the 3 year project (2013-2016), over 2600 Suffolk residents participated in the project with 2176 of those going on to take part in community sport or physical activity groups, including:

  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Gym
  • Cycling
  • Badminton
  • and many more…


We faced lots of challenges along the way and learnt some valuable lessons. Just some of the things we learnt:

Investment is necessary for change

When asked what their number one reason was for being less active, the most common answer that participants in the project gave was cost. As part of the scheme every participant was assigned a small, undisclosed budget to cater for individual barriers; this adaptation of the referral process led to greater uptake and retention in sport and without it the project wouldn’t have achieved the results it did.

Don’t forget about walking!

Often physical activity funding can come from a variety of sources with a focus on specific disciplines or types of activity. Something as simple as walking can be disregarded or overlooked as an ideal opportunity to engage participants in health and fitness. Walking turned out to be the second most popular activity for clients in this project!

Activity does not need to be formalised

When developing a physical activity project often the underlying urge is to create something ‘new and amazing’, to formalise the activity so that it’s part of something greater. During the delivery of this project, we found that often this was the opposite of what our clients wanted! Whether it be walking the dog more often, playing in the park with their children or going jogging, our clients wanted the flexibility to increase their physical activity in a way that suited them and often had nothing to do with engaging in sport!

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